Premium 2

  • Photographer: Chief Photographer Jobayer Hossain Shuvo with 2 Senior Photographers and 2 Top Photographers.
  • Event Duration: As long as the event Continues.
    Day long photo shoot with 1 Senior and 1 Associate Photographer.
    Our Chief Photographer J.H. Shuvo will stay as long as the event continues.
  • * Unlimited exclusive session for Bride and Groom with conceptual photographs by Our Chief Photographer J. H. Shuvo.
  • * Exclusive Photo Work at the event with their family members by Our Chief Photographer J. H. Shuvo.
  • * 3 hours free pre/post wedding photo-shoot by Our Chief Photographer J. H. Shuvo
  • Lighting System : 2 units External Lighting system which is very useful for taking outstanding Family Photos on the stage (External wireless flash units)
  • Number of Pictures: Unlimited (All post processed)
  • Specially Edited Photos: 150 copies
  • Bashor Ghor: 1 Hour by our Top Photographer (If Transport Provided and If session ends by 1 AM
  • Print: 20L (20”x30″) Mega Poster Size Print: 4 copies with Frame
    16L (16”x20″) Matte Print: 8 copies with Frame
    5L (5”x7.5″) Matte Prints: 300 copies
  • Dreamer’s Memory Book: 1 (Large Size)
  • *All soft copy of photos will be delivered on DVDs.